No, I’m not dead.

Hey, everyone. (And by everyone, I mean the small handful who will probably read this, considering I haven’t posted in about five months.)

I have been meaning to post forever. Really I have. Since I last posted, I’ve been to plenty of cute cafes, vintage toy stores, all three Disneyland parks in Asia, and last week I was in Harajuku. But did I post anything? Obviously not. I want to use the excuse that I’ve been too busy, and while I have been busy, I honestly just kind of forgot about my blog. It’s been so long since I used one that it continuously slipped my mind.

Anyway, I was just watching a Korean drama. (Meloholic- 10/10 recommend, and not just because it stars my favorite singer.) It stopped to buffer the video, and instead of getting annoyed, I randomly thought about how I should make a blog post. I took it as a sign, and here I am. This won’t be a long post, it’s just to assure anyone who may care that I’m still alive. I will start posting at least once weekly, so please look forward to my next post. I promise it will be worth the wait! ♥


What does the future hold? (Hint: cute things)

Have you ever had the uncontrollable urge to bite something or someone that you found to be irresistibly adorable? I get that urge ALL. THE. TIME. The urge is usually strongest when I’m watching a performance of my favorite singer in tight leather pants. However, it also presents itself to me when I’m staring at a Monchhichi or admiring a new pair of Minnie Mouse ears that I just bought in a Disney park.

Did you know that the feeling to want to bite something cute is completely normal? I read an article somewhere about it a while back. It’s called cute aggression, and it basically means our brains actually can’t handle how cute something is. The urge to bite (or squeeze) something is our brain’s way of trying to keep us sane. That article made me feel a lot better about myself, so I didn’t actually do any follow up research to see if it’s true or not. I just decided to take it as fact so that I feel a little less crazy when I see pictures of my brother’s new puppy and get the sudden urge to bite it.

You’re probably wondering why exactly I’m telling you all of this. Well, it’s because I want to give you a fair warning for what lies ahead if you continue to read my future posts. (Which I hope you do) I try to live my life as cutely as a twenty-five year old teacher can possibly afford. I tend to frequent cafés that serve adorable desserts, shop at stores that specialize in princess-y packaging, and whenever I can, I like to travel. (Favorite destination: any Disney park) I plan to post a lot about the cute places I go, the adorable treats I devour, and any additions to my [awesome] vintage toy collection. All that being said, you’ll probably want to bite or squeeze a lot of things as you scroll through my blog in the future, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Beyond the urge to become aggressive while reading my blog, I hope that I can also inspire you and help to bring a little more cuteness to your world. Surrounding myself with cute and happy things has brought a lot of positivity to my life, and I think that’s something no one can ever get enough of. Whether you also aspire to live the cute life, or you just enjoy dipping your toe in once in a while, I hope this can be a place of enjoyment for all who visit. ♥